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Anti human trafficking workshop

A group comprising women Police officers and National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) officials, numbering nearly 75, attended a 2-day anti human trafficking workshop jointly organised by Caritas Sri Lanka and the Women and Children Bureau. It was held at the SEDEC Auditorium on 21st and 22nd July 2014 and the participant Police officers were representatives of 43 Women and Children Bureaus Island wide.

The program was designed to deal not only with the prevention of human trafficking but also with issues relating to protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators, especially the legal provisions of Penal Code (Amendment) Act No. 16 of 2006.

Among the resource persons at this event were Ms Lanka Rajini, Assistant Superintendent of Police attached to the Women and Children Bureau, Mr Nethisinghe Dharmadasa Nanayakkara, Retired Chief Inspector and Mr B W Bopitigoda, Officer-in Charge of the NCPA.

Human trafficking and safe migration are major areas of concern for Caritas, especially in view of the increasing incidences of violations involving women and children. Awareness on these subjects has been created at different levels through conscientization of vulnerable groups, as well as through capacity enhancement of authorities, community leaders and faith-based groups.

In August 2014, Caritas Sri Lanka will host an Asian Sub Regional Workshop which will bring together participants from Caritas member organizations in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and Sri Lanka who are actively engaged in anti human trafficking initiatives.

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