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TOT on Transitional Justice

A Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop for the Diocesan Coordinators and Volunteers of all 13 dioceses were held recently at the SEDEC auditorium. The timely intervention and sharing was organized with the objective of enhancing the knowledge of the participants with the essential tools and practices of the Transitional Justice process, that strengthen the peace and reconciliation work that Caritas Sri Lanka promotes.

While the post war political discourse is drawing much attention in Sri Lanka, the participants felt the importance of learning this social tools and models to work effectively with the grassroots level communities, especially in multi ethnic and religious backgrounds. The one-day workshop, held on the 11th January 2017 was facilitated by two resource persons from the Centre for Communication Training ( CCT), Mr Shivantha Rathnayake, Chief Facilitator of the training programme and Mr. M.A.M. Fazal, Co-Facilitator.

During the training workshop, the resource persons dealt with the main four components of the transitional justice mechanism while making references to the South African and other related contexts that could define and exemplify the terminologies lucidly.

Accordingly, the main four pillars of Transitional Justice that were taken into discussion include:

  • Establishing Truth
  • Holding Accountability
  • Providing Reparations
  • Reforming Institutions & Laws

A total of 57 persons were present for the session which was conducted simultaneously in both Sinhala and Tamil languages. The workshop was held under the projects “Advocacy towards Unity, Reconciliation and Good Governance” (July 2015 –August 2018) and “Religious Amity” (August 2015 - December 2017).. These projects are funded by Caritas Australia, Misereor and Caritas Norway.


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