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Finance Workshop

A One-day capacity building and training workshop for the Finance Staff of the Caritas National Centre and the Diocesan Centres was held on the 14th February 2017 at the SEDEC auditorium.  Six Diocesan Directors and a group of 48 members of finance staff participated in the session.

The main purpose of the workshop was to discuss findings of the present finance operations, including Independent Audit Concerns and provide new tools and resources to the Finance Staff to be more effective and efficient in their work while maximizing the output through Tally software system.

Members of the Caritas National Centre finance team and the auditors, Mr. K.V.Y.S. Vitharana, Chartered Accountant & Managing Partner and Mr. Keerthi de Silva of Cecil Arsekularatne & Com conducted the training workshop.

During the session, the facilitators dealt with effective finance concepts and finance procedures of the currently run projects that needed further focus and attention. The auditors defined the distinctive and different roles between the Accounting Staff and Auditors while providing tools and techniques that would prevent and detect errors with the objective of minimizing them. They also highlighted the importance of following the Finance Manual which covers the internal control procedures helping to ensure the accuracy of the accounting needs of the organization.

In addition, two Tally software experts from ABS Informations Systems (PVT) Ltd demonstrated new functions of the Tally Accounting System. Tally is used throughout the Caritas Network connecting all the 13 DCs with the Caritas National Centre Finance and Programme Units in Colombo. The participants had the privilege of receiving hands-on experience of the functions of the Tally software.

The training workshop paved the way for fruition, as it also sought to find solutions to the issues and challenges staff members face when dealing with technical aspects of finance and accounting.