Strengthening of Special Needs Children and Their Families in Mannar & Vanni in Sri Lanka supported by Kindermission, Germany: 

A total 95  special needs children are helped under this project.  In Mannar district there are  03 children from one family related to disability who are supported.

The groups that were formed consisting of the parents of special needs children is now functioning well. The parents following different religious faiths have a good understanding of each other and are able to work together for the welfare of their children

Supporting Primary Education of Poor & Vulnerable Children in the Dioceses of Anuradhapura, Badulla, Chilaw & Vanni in Sri Lanka

Children of crisis affected, most vulnerable and poor communities in these Dioceses who lack education opportunities are facilitated with educational support to enable them sit Sri Lanka Government’s Grade 5 Scholarship Exam so that they have an opportunity to join regular schools to continue their education

In Vanni district, according to the teachers some children are differently able and need special attention, and a few are with minor psychosomatic problems due to the traumatic experiences undergone during the conflict  They are anemic and often get sick.  As a result they do not attend schools regularly.  Therefore, the children are given a monthly nourishment package consisting of cereals, gram, milk powder and other dried food.

most of the children attending schools in the Badulla area are from the Plantation Estates.  Their parents work as labourers in the tea estates and face great difficulties as very little government’s services and facilities reach the estates.  In the highly neglected schools in the estates there is a lack of qualified teachers and the parents do not give much attention to the education of their children.  They are more concerned about finding their daily wages to feed the family.

This project supported by Caritas Korea has been a great help for both the parents and children.

Under the NORAD/Caritas Norway funded island wide food security programme

This programme besides its other objectives, will ensure 26,000 pre-school children have access to adequate and safe nutrition, which will optimize their growth and development.

The importance of nutrition for good health of individuals and for the economic growth and development of a country is well recognized. Thus, 26,000 mothers will be awakened to provide nutritionally balanced diets for their children under this programme.

Caritas Sri Lanka Scholarship Programme supported by Poland

This programme supports students who are continuing their studies at the GCE Advanced Level classes and those following diploma or college of education and university education.  This programme has created positive changes in the lives of the students as well as to their families.

This support has been continuing for the past 10 years, and as a result many professionals were produced such as medical doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, government officials and entrepreneurs.

Initially, the beneficiaries selected were tsunami affected orphans and semi orphans.  Later on this support was also extended to students of other poor and vulnerable families in highly neglected rural villages, who if not for this programme, would not have the opportunity to come up to the positions mentioned above.

Caritas Sri Lanka has developed a Child Protection Policy which has been recognized by the Government.