Mr. Said Bazeghi, International Program Incharge, Caritas Trento, Italy visited SEDEC on 4th of June 2018. He was accompanied by Mr. Beppe Pedron, South Asia Regional Coordinator for Caritas Italiana. Caritas Trento is a diocesan Caritas Organization in Italy, which will partly fund an environmental project in Sri Lanka with the objective of creating healthy living atmosphere and environment sensitive communities. The proposed project will be implemented in the Diocese of Colombo. Caritas Italiana will be the other funding partner which will work in collaboration with Caritas Trento.

The new project envisages as a follow up programme to the Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC led Solid Waste Management Programme, initiated by SEDEC at the aftermath of the Meetotamulla Garbage Dump Landslide which brought much shame and blame to both citizens and the administrative bodies in Sri Lanka.

Realizing and perceiving the need of the hour, Caritas Sri Lanka raced into action at the end of this calamity raising awareness of the harmful impacts of unmanaged solid waste.  Through this Caritas-led programme, Caritas was able to enhance the knowledge of the general public on concepts such as 3R, Takakura Compost Methodology and Segregation of Waste etc and helped people to minimize the production of waste at the generation point itself. The design of the programme had both practical and theoretical sessions where the participants could learn by themselves how to create solutions needed for the Takakura Composting process and ways to segregate waste according to different types of materials.

During the visit, Mr. Said had discussions with Rev.Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke, National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka and Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ramanayaka, Director of Caritas Colombo – Seth Sarana and the Programme Staff of both the National Centre SEDEC and Seth Sarana. Mr. Said was given a brief overview of the Caritas Solid Waste Management Programme and how its implementation was carried out.

After the discussion, he was taken on a field tour to St. Joseph’s College – Grandpass, planned Paper Recycling Centre at Mithuru Sevana – Mattakkuliya and met the community group members in Pamunuwila, Kelaniya in the Diocese of Colombo.