Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke, National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC had invited a few professionals and intellectuals along with a few senior priests on 16th September, 2019 for a consultation to develop a ‘Position Paper’ to draw guidelines to the members of the Christian institutions and churches on choosing an appropriate candidate for the forthcoming Presidential Elections.

Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke explained the objectives of the consultation and declared that this is a timely intervention considering country’s present chaotic political situation and the implementation of the ‘Position Paper’. Prof. Anton Meemana was moderating the discussion and invited all the erudite members to share their views and analysis on the present reality of the country.

The views and the analysis were focused on the following:

– Impact on the ‘Governance’

– Impact on the economy of the country

– Implementation of Law and Order

– Role of Mass Media and Social Media

– Level of corruption and its impact

A 5 member committee was appointed to work on the final guideline paper. This will be submitted to The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Sri Lanka to get their consent. Once approved, it will be shared with all the Christian institutions and parishes to build awareness among the people.