After the 21st of April, Easter Sunday bombing, everyone living in Sri Lankan were faced with a number of difficulties and challenges.  Especially for those who live in the peripheries or in vulnerable conditions, the ordinary living experience became something which they never thought of. For the refugees and asylum seekers who are based in Sri Lanka till their applications are processed, unfortunately had to face many difficulties in their rented places in Negombo as they were suspected of being involved in the Easter Sunday incidents by the locals.

As a result, a little more than 1600 family members mainly from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq were displaced and UNHCR, the UN organization for migrants through ZOA, an INGO operational in Sri Lanka look into the welfare of these refugees and asylum seekers.

After a visit to the Negombo Ahamadia Mosque in Periyamulla where nearly 340 persons were housed by the end of May 2019, Caritas Sri Lanka was able to understand the plight of these families and decided to provide 250 mosquito nets to the people which were an immediate need for them due to the risk of spreading dengue fever in the area.

The nets were handed over to the ZOA officers at the Pasyala Ahamadiya mosque on 28th of May 2019. The mosque housed nearly 700 persons then and the provisions helped the migrants to minimize the discomforts which they experienced from flies and mosquitoes.

The IHD Unit of the Caritas Sri Lanka and members of the Safe Labour Migration Programme spearheaded the noble initiative under the leadership and direction of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC’s National Director, Rev.Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke.