Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC has implemented a programme to encourage the use of renewable energy sources to safeguard the environment with the funding assistance of Misereor, Germany. Under this project commenced in January 2016, solar power systems have been installed in 39 village locations in the Dioceses of Jaffna (Vanni), Anuradhapura, Kurunegala and Badulla.

At present Sri Lanka generates electricity using hydro, thermal and non-conventional renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power. Meanwhile the country aims to achieve 100% electricity generation through renewable energy by 2050.

However Sri Lanka generates its thermal power using coal and oil which leads to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere resulting increased global warming according to the scientists. Usage of renewable energy sources such as solar power would reduce the emission of greenhouse gases directly, helping to improve environmental conditions. Under this project, community centres, pre-schools and parish centres in distant locations have been provided with solar power systems in all 4 dioceses.

This has enabled local communities to hold community meetings in the evening hours so that work schedules are not disturbed; school children and students are able to attend evening classes in order to improve their educational standards. The systems have also helped to deter wild animals such as elephants to come close to human settlements giving much needed protection to communities living in remote locations.