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Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC is the social arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Sri Lanka and is affiliated to Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development, and social service organizations present in 200 countries and territories.

Our national centre is located in the Archdiocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. Our vision is radiated to the far corners of the island through 13 Diocesan Centres. Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC is also the national secretariat of the National Catholic Commission for Justice Peace and Human Development.

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Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC Heartfelt Condolence

Caritas Sri Lanka 08th August

Rev. Sr. Mary Angela has worked at Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC from 1980s to 1995. She had been a wonderful character who had inspired many during her time at SEDEC. Especially her enthusiastic work forming the famous Women’s Desk at Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC made the organization a professional and a profound humanitarian organization in the Sri...

Caritas Sri Lanka –SEDEC commemorates World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Caritas Sri Lanka 30th July

Holy Mass offered for the victims of Human Trafficking. Today is World Day against Trafficking in Persons. Human trafficking is one of the world largest crimes against humanity. Yet unfortunately, it goes unnoticed by the majority of the society. For us in the Catholic Church, we have a saint who is dedicated to the cause against...

CIMS TOT Workshop for Diocesan Coordinators

Caritas Sri Lanka 25th July

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC organized a TOT workshop to enhance the knowledge of the Diocesan Staff on the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards and their application. The workshop will continue for 4-days from 23rd to 26th  at the SEDEC Auditorium. There are two programmes designed for the Tamil and Sinhala speaking DC Coordinators from all...

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