CIMS TOT Workshop for Diocesan Coordinators

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC organized a TOT workshop to enhance the knowledge of the Diocesan Staff on the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards and their application. The workshop will continue for 4-days from 23rd to 26th  at the SEDEC Auditorium. There are two programmes designed for the Tamil and Sinhala speaking DC Coordinators from all

Biannual Review meeting of Food security program

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC carried out a Biannual Review meeting of Food Security program on 18th and 19th of July 2019 at the SEDEC Auditorium. “Addressing Causes for Poverty and Ensuring Food Security for Farming Communities”  is a Caritas Norway / NORAD funded agricultural supportive program which is being implemented through our Diocesan network,

Project Orientation on Emotional Literacy School.

Project Orientation to Diocesan Coordinators was held at National Centre on 04th July 2019. Specific objectives: ⦁ To increase emotional literacy and resilience among school students at risk of suicidal behaviours. ⦁ To increase students’ soft skills for a healthier emotional and mental health. ⦁ To enhance teachers’ emotional competencies and constructive vigilance among students.