A priest, a social activist of par excellence

Rev. Fr. Oswald B Firth, OMI, was a formator, academic, administrator, peacebuilder, and activist and had been the former director of Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC (1990-1995) during a period of major political and economic upheaval in the country with pressing social issues, particularly of development gap across regions and breeding inequality at the face of

2023 World Environmental Day Commemoration by Caritas Sri Lanka Diocesan Network

Introduction   World Environmental day is celebrated globally on 5th June from 1973. The day provides a platform for environmental activists to voice their concerns and highlight the negative impacts of global environmental issues to the global community. In that line, the theme for World Environmental Day 2023 focuses on ‘Solution for Plastic Pollution’ under

An Awareness session on the 200-year Journey and the Present Day Plight of the Plantation Community in Sri Lanka at the National Seminary Kandy

An awareness session was conducted at the National Seminary in Kandy on 12th of May 2023 with the objective of enlightening the major seminary brothers and the staff regarding the social issues and structural discrimination faced by the plantation community in Sri Lanka for the past 200 years. Rev. Fr. Michael Rajendram, National Animator for the

World Water Day 2023 Commemoration by Caritas Sri Lanka Diocesan Network

“Humanity still has the ability to work together to build our common home” – Pope Francis- Introduction Water is one of the most important basic natural elements on which the planet Earth is comprised of, as it constitutes 71% of the land area. In addition, water is recognized as the giver and the source of