Harmony Unveiled: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Peacemakers- A Youth Workshop on Peace-Building and Gender Equality

In a world hungry for change and eager for progress, Caritas Sri Lanka, fueled by the generous support of AGIAMONDO, organized a transformative youth workshop on peace-building and gender equality on November 16th and 17th, 2023 at the Caritas Chilaw Centre. Caritas Sri Lanka welcomed 9 Diocesan Centres (DCs) to participate, marking a pivotal moment


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In the face of economic challenges in Sri Lanka, both rich and poor citizens endured hardships. Amidst long queues and silent marches for freedom, a motivational plea echoes! Father, let the leaders awaken to their duties. Embrasing Tagore’s spirit, let the Sri Lankan awaken collectively, seeking transformtion, hope and change. In unity, may the resilience

Bridging Hearts and Cultures: Jaffna DC Youth’s Heartwarming Visit to Chilaw DC

In a world often overshadowed by discord and division, a heartening tale of unity and understanding emerged as a group of vibrant youth of the Jaffna Peninsula embarked on a life-altering journey to Caritas Chilaw under the ongoing”Peace Building Project” funded by MISEREOR Germany. This soul-stirring exposure visit to Chilaw took place from November 3rd

“Empowering Education: Shanjika Kandeepan’s Inspiring Journey with EHED Caritas”

“My name is Shanjika Kandeepan, and I live in the village called Selvanayagapuram. My life took a challenging turn when my father was abducted in 2008, leaving my twin sister and me under the care of our widowed grandmother, Mrs Maheswary Murugaiya. However, our situation shifted in 2019 when EHED Caritas, Trincomalee, stepped in to

Training Of Trainers (TOT) training in Basic Solid Waste Management at Kandy & Jaffna

Caritas Sri Lanka in collaboration with the resources of USAID, Clean City Blue Ocean Organization conducted two Training of Trainers (TOT) programs at Kandy and Jaffna. Sixty participants participated in the TOT held on 20th & 21st of October 2023 at Kandy representing Kandy, Badulla, Galle and Ratnapura Dioceses while another 70 participants participated in