“My name is Shanjika Kandeepan, and I live in the village called Selvanayagapuram. My life took a challenging turn when my father was abducted in 2008, leaving my twin sister and me under the care of our widowed grandmother, Mrs Maheswary Murugaiya. However, our situation shifted in 2019 when EHED Caritas, Trincomalee, stepped in to support us.

Their monthly financial aid of Rs. 3,000.00 is allocated primarily for my education. With their assistance, I achieved good results in my G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination, securing 6A,1B, and 2C grades. Now I am studying the GCE Advanced Level in Maths stream at T/ Sri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies College. The ongoing guidance from EHED Caritas has not only boosted my academic performance but also provided opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and tournaments.

Throughout the challenging times of the pandemic, EHED Caritas remained a pillar of support, facilitating online education and extending financial and material aid. Their consistent efforts, including home visits, school interactions, and seminars, have truly transformed my educational journey. I am grateful for Caritas Korea’s generous contributions, and I am determined to utilize this assistance as a stepping stone to a brighter future, not just for myself but for other students facing similar obstacles.”