Religious Amity Training Modules Launching: “A Step Towards Unity and Peace”

In an inspiring event was held on October 27, 2023, at the CSL Auditorium, the launching of  Religious Amity Training Modules Book. This significant event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of CSL (Caritas Sri Lanka) and Caritas Colombo Seth Sarana. The event was commenced with a common prayer about love, led by Fr.

An Innovative Approach to Addressing Social Conflicts

Forum theatre is an excellent tool for exposing and addressing the diverse conflicts that persist within society. This innovative theatrical technique offers a platform to explore, engage with, and ultimately seek solutions to complex social issues. By bringing these conflicts to the forefront, in a safe and creative space, forum theatre enables individuals to better

Strengthening Resilience: Caritas Sri Lanka’s Skill Development Training for Search and Rescue Operation and Disaster Preparedness

In a world marked by unpredictability, communities must be prepared for unexpected disasters. Caritas Sri Lanka National Centre, in collaboration with Caritas SED Galle, has taken a proactive step to enhance the resilience of individuals in Sri Lanka through skill development training in search and rescue operations and disaster preparedness. This remarkable training program under

World Children’s Day Celebration in Athungoda Village, Puttalam: Inverting Our Future with Love and Care”

The 7th of October 2023 marked a day of celebration and togetherness in Athungoda Village, Puttlam in the Diocese of Chilaw as the community came together to celebrate World Children’s Day. This year’s theme, “Inclusion, for every child” took centre stage, emphasizing the crucial role children play in shaping the future. Caritas Sri Lanka, dedicated

Empowering Communities Through Training: TOT Programme on Solid Waste Management

Waste management is a critical issue in Sri Lanka, with improper disposal causing environmental degradation and health hazards. To address this concern, Caritas Sri Lanka, in collaboration with USAID Clean Cities Blue Oceans (CCBO), is taking a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable Sri Lanka through the project: Stepping Stone to Safeguarding Sri

Capacity Building Workshop on Advocacy and Lobbying for the staffs of Caritas Sri Lanka

Caritas Sri Lanka organized a capacity-building workshop on advocacy and lobbying for both its National Center staff and diocesan-level staff. The workshop took place on September 11th and 12th at the CSL-SEDEC auditorium, with 65 participants from the Diocesan Centers and the National Center. The workshop was conducted in both Sinhala and Tamil mediums, with

Strengthening Partnership Skills: Workshop Empowering Caritas Sri Lanka Staff

Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC successfully organized an impactful workshop on September 15, 2023,  aimed at enhancing the partnering capabilities of their Diocesan Project Coordinators and National Coordinators (NC) staff. The event, held at the SEDEC Auditorium in Colombo, brought together a diverse group of dedicated professionals eager to develop and refine their partnering skills. The