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Information Sharing Sessions among the Journalists & Reporters On the Lives & the unresolved Social Issues of the Plantation People In Sri Lanka

Information Sharing Sessions among JournalistsTwo separate Information Sharing Sessions for the Journalists of Mass media were conducted by CARITAS SRI LANKA – in Tamil stream on the 1st June at Nuwara Eliya Parish Pastoral Centre and in Sinhala stream at SED Galle Centre on the 8th June 2022.  The Media personals from the Plantation Dioceses of

Caritas Sri Lanka commemorating the World Environmental Day

Caritas Sri Lanka (CSL) conducted a major cleanup and tree planting Campaign Island wide to commemorate the World Environment Day on 05th of June 2022. Around 2000 adults, youth and children participated in these events. The 2022 World Environment Day campaign under the theme, “Only One Earth” calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale

Where have all the flowers gone?

We are a generation in this country who have been witnessing unending uprisings, upheavals, and horror that havocked our beloved nation. We have lost thousands of our brethren in somebody else’s ideology that led to hypocrisy, tyranny and terror. Our brethren who sacrificed their lives would have never thought that their endeavors – the reform

‘Lighting the lives of the Plantation People’- LLPP An Empowerment Program to better the lives Of the people of the Plantation Community in Sri Lanka

The Plantation Community in Sri Lanka mainly consists of the Indian Origin Tamils who are presently known as the ‘Malayaga Tamils” meaning Upcountry Tamils. As per the historical evidence, the arrival of the 1st batch of Indian Origin Tamil Speaking workers happened from 1823 to 1824, thus making 2023/2024 as the 200th years of their

A visit to perceive the impact of the FS Program – Caritas Vanni – HUDEC

Caritas Sri Lanka encourages small-holder farmers to ameliorate their capacity and attentiveness to be resilient to food insecurity over a decade. Caritas Norway / NORAD-funded Food Security Program is being a pillar of strength for the communities to enhance the self-sufficient family economy at the grassroots level. Recently the CSL team visited random target locations

Tree Planting Campaign at Kahagalla- Haputale

Caritas Badulla- USCOD organized a tree-planting campaign at Kahagalla, Haputale on 26 March 2022 under the Stepping Stone Environment Project implemented with the support of the funding partner, ‘MISEREOR’ The tree-planting campaign was organized by the Village Level Children Group (VLCG) with the support and coordination of the Village Level Elders Group (VLEG) formed under

Caritas Colombo-Sethsarana organized a Beach Cleanup Campaign at Diyalagoda

Caritas Colombo-Setharana organized a beach clean-up campaign on 31 March 2022 from 10am to 10:50am at Diyalagoda. Over the recent years, the environmental composition in Diyalagoda has been rapidly changing due to high levels of human activity and other human-related environmental issues.  During a community gathering in view of forming a Village Level Environment Group by

Visiting SED Galle on the SSEP

Caritas Sri Lanka National Centre team made a Monitoring and Evaluation visit (M & E) to Galle Diocesan Caritas Centre under the “Stepping Stone to Safeguarding Sri Lanka’s Natural Environment Project’ (SSEP) on 30th and 31st March 2022. Rev. Fr Lasantha Fonseka, Director of SED Galle and Mr. Priyantha Indunil SSEP Project Coordinator of the

Women’s Day Celebration by Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC

With The United Nations theme of International Women’s Day 2022, ‘Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow’, We Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC organized a special program on 18th March 2022 under the vision and guidance of National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC, Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatileke to celebrate, appreciate and honor behind the curtains heroes

Mangrove Planting Campaign in Batticaloa

Protecting and restoring mangroves is hugely important in the battle against human-induced climate change. By realizing all the importance of planting mangrove trees, under the  project ‘Stepping stone safeguarding Sri Lanka’s Natural Environment’, Caritas EHED Batticaloa Diocesan center organized a Mangrove Planting Campaign on 17 March 2022.   This tree planting campaign was organized by

Resolving conflict within the family towards a conflict-free community.

We experience conflict in every stage of our life. The ability to resolve conflicts with one another is a critical life skill, especially in today’s disruptive society. Looking for ways to resolve a conflict that meets the needs of both parties is challenging. Taking this matter into consideration, Caritas Sri Lanka –SEDEC jointly with Caritas Chilaw organized

M & E Visit to Mannar and Vanni under the Stepping Stone Environment Project (SSEP)

The ecosystem can be safeguarded from degradation only when humans start working towards it. In achieving this objective Caritas Sri Lanka with the collaboration of 13 Diocesan Centers, covering the entire island is in the process of forming 156 environmental groups, under the project titled, “A Stepping Stone to Safeguarding Sri Lanka’s Natural Environment” funded

Mitigation of Thalassemia through Awareness and Empowerment

“Thalassemia” is a genetically inherited, non-curable but easily preventable disease in which normal hemoglobin level in a patient is partially or completely surpass and necessitates blood transfusion approximately at month intervals. The safest approach to prevent the birth of a Thalassemia child is for the carrier of the gene to marry a non-carrier. For this

Caritas Sri Lanka Stands in Solidarity with People in this time of Unprecedented Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka, a country that suffered a recent genocide (2019 Easter Terror Attack), two major youth insurrections, and a 30 years of civil war, is now facing an unprecedented set of economic challenges. The causes of the present economic crisis are primarily attributed to the collapse of revenues generated from tourism that was completely deterred

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 Empowering the women of the world

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 with great enthusiasm across the world to honour and treasure the women in one’s daily lives and womanhood in general. This year the theme for International Women’s day for 2022 was ‘ Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” Caritas Sri Lanka –SEDEC celebrated International

The feast day of St. Bakhita

The feast day of St. Bakhita the patron saint for the victims of modern slavery and human trafficking was celebrated on 8th February. St. Bakhita, a Sudanese nun also known as ‘Mother Moretta’ experienced the moral and physical humiliations associated with slavery in the hands of kidnappers at the age of nine itself. Her story

Revitalization of Interreligious Dialogue in the light Encyclicals: Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti.

Sustaining interreligious dialogue in a persuasive manner has been a pressing need of the time. Examining the trends of interreligious dialogue requires continuous review, learning, and reflection. Hence, Caritas Sri Lanka in consultation with the Secretariat of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue convened a lecture and experts’ discussion, on 23rd January 2022, on

Jaffna Forum – A Dialogue on the UNHRC Resolution, Accountability for Rights Violations and Reconciliation in Context of the Ethnic Conflict

Caritas Sri Lanka, the social arm of the Catholic Church has been instrumental in promoting sustained relationships through justice, peace & reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Our initiatives have focused on ensuring greater inclusion of vulnerable communities in social, political and economic life; access to quality basic services; freedom without exploitative practices; ability to voice their

Training on sustainable Pond Fish farming for enhancing Food Security and Nutrition

“Fish” contribute significantly to the protein intake of the people of Sri Lanka with 70 percent of the annual protein consumption being derived from fish. According to the statistics, Freshwater fishery contributes about 20% of the total fish production of the country. Aquaculture in Sri Lanka is based on pond fish culture and seasonal village

Pre-Orientation for the Plantation Programme at Mahagastota, Nuwaraeliya

A 2-day pre-orientation programme was held in Mahagastota, Nuwaraeliya on 29 and 30 November 2021 under the new programme designed for the empowerment of the tea plantation communities in Sri Lanka. The programme comes with a 10-year vision and is titled, “Lighting the Lives” – Empowering the Green Gold Harvesters, which is an extension of