Caritas social services depicting religious amity
This year it celebrates its 40th Anniversary marking its commitment to the service of humanity.

For 40 years Caritas Sri Lanka’s work has been constantly influenced and driven by the ethos of the Christian values and beliefs.

It has been recognised as a leading faith based humanitarian organisation in Sri Lanka. The organisation is based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church, which focus on the dignity of the human person. 40 years ago, SEDEC ( social and economic development centre ) took root in the mind of a visionary priest, Rev. Fr. Joe Fernando under the guidance and jurisdiction of His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Cooray.

Since then Caritas Sri Lanka has spread islandwide to become an organisation which is globally accepted and recognised in 13 diocesan centres and over 200 countries.

With over four decades of experience working with communities, today Caritas Sri Lanka has supported thousands of poor and marginalized families and especially those affected by man made and natural disasters irrespective of caste, creed, gender or ethnicity.

Caritas Sri Lanka will celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a trade fair which will be held at National Level on 2nd – 3rd December 2008 at Vihara Maha Devi Park. Trade Fairs are an important part of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC’s process of empowering people to rebuild their lives after many natural and man made disasters. These Trade Fairs provide an opportunity for self-help groups or Animation groups to promote their livelihood, exhibit their products and thereby venture into new business avenues and link with potential buyers. Many trade fairs were also held throughout the country in the 13 Diocesan Centres of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC.

An inter religious celebration will also be held on December 4. Caritas Sri Lanka will continue to work for the poor and marginalised in the years to come focussing on integral human development, building sustainable peace and disaster response and community based disaster preparedness programmes.