We aimed  to safeguard food security  for 26,000 subsistence farmer households  including, urban & rural  poor & marginalized – communities, war widows, women, differently abled persons, youth  & 52,000  school children  by, switching over to  sustainable agricultural practices, & 26,000  preschool children  to protect from malnourishment  in all 13 dioceses  under the leadership of   the  National Director, CSL-SEDEC  covering 25 administrative districts  by the year 2022  with the support of  Caritas Norway Norad.

We have already completed  one and half years  of this four-year program. We now, intend  to deliver, a clear image about the implementation of Food Security program /and our progress.

The script of this documentary film, was written, to display, the aspects of food security, in ancient Sri Lanka, and the current situation, of the food security  in our country. This documentary film portrays about, what are the challenges, faced by farmers, for example: natural disasters  and, problems prevailing in Sri Lanka, due to the excessive usage of, agrochemicals. This documentary film, comprises, the intervention of Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC  by the Food Security program, giving innovative solutions  to the challenges, faced by the farmers, and, how, we were able to enrich the lives of preschool children, their mothers, and school children. You could see, the footages of the  success stories, of our program partners, and, experience sharing about the Food Security program.This documentary film, symbolize,  a tribute to, our hardworking Caritas family, which reveals, the story of, our food security program.