Caritas Sri Lanka (CSL) was honoured to welcome Ms. Broeckmann Corinna and Ms. Ulrike Weinspach, partners from Misereor, on the 13th of February 2024. The visit proved to be a momentous occasion as these partners visit Sri Lanka after 15 years.

The day commenced with a meeting that brought together CSL staff and Misereor representatives, including the National Director of CSL, Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson. With a short welcome note, Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson set the tone with his opening remarks, expressing gratitude for the longstanding partnership and the positive impact it has had on communities served by CSL.

As the meeting unfolded, CSL staff members had the opportunity to introduce themselves and Mr. Priyantha, the Programme Manager, then outlined the agenda for the day, providing a roadmap for the discussions and presentations that followed. Ms. Broeckmann Corinna Misereor Desk Officer for Caritas Sri Lanka and Ms. Ulrike Weinspach, took the floor to introduce themselves, emphasizing the collaborative spirit.

The heart of the meeting lay in the presentations delivered by units responsible for implementing Misereor-funded projects within CSL. The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) unit, Ecological Conservation and plantation people (ECPP) unit, and Sustainable Peace and Justice (SP&J) unit had focused group meetings to showcase the status of respective projects. The presentations have been prepared to give comprehensive  details of project implementation,  selected locations, objectives, outcomes,  ongoing progress,  challenges faced and the necessary resolutions taken during project implementation.

The day was not limited to project-specific discussions. Finance staff from CSL engaged in a meaningful dialogue with Misereor partners, dissecting the financial aspects of the funded projects. This exchange aimed to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficient financial management for the projects that Misereor generously supports. Misereor was keen to know about the Safeguarding policies that are followed by Caritas Sri Lanka and  CSL’s CIMS Coordinator shared insights on that with the Misereor partners.

Throughout the day, the partners engaged in a series of discussions that proved to be both informative and invaluable for the betterment of CSL. The collaborative spirit and shared vision were tangible, demonstrating the strength of the bond between Misereor and Caritas Sri Lanka. During their stay in Sri Lanka, Misereor partners have scheduled to visit Caritas HUDEC Jaffna, Caritas Setik Kandy and Caritas Valvuthayam Mannar specifically to enter into deep discussions with the project beneficiaries. They will also organize a workshop for all the Misereor Partners in Sri Lanka on Impact Monitoring and Fundraising in Kandy from 20th – 24th February 2024.