On April 29, 2024, the Caritas Sri Lanka Welfare Society organized the Awrudu festival for all staff members, an annual event that brings together the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with enthusiasm. This year’s celebration was marked by a series of heartfelt and culturally rich activities that showcased the traditions of Sri Lanka’s diverse communities.

The day began with a holy Mass conducted by the National Director, Rev Fr Luke Nelson, setting a tone of community spirit. Following the Mass, staff members  were treated to delightful traditional Awrudu sweets. This sweets table was a feast for the senses, decorated with a variety of treats from both Sinhala and Tamil culinary traditions and a highlight of the day’s celebrations.

Adding a special touch to the festivities was a performance by Mrs. Prasangi, a singer who has captured the hearts of many by singing on trains to support her family. Her presence at the Awrudu celebration was not just entertainment; it was an inspiring display of resilience and talent. Her songs filled the air with joy and added an extra layer of colour and enjoyment to the celebrations.

The festive spirit continued with several fun-filled games that saw active participation from all the staff, who were dressed in traditional attire, enhancing the cultural atmosphere of the event. These games were not just about fun but also about fostering teamwork and unity among the staff. The laughter and cheers echoed the essence of Awrudu, which is to bring staff together in joy and celebration.

Caritas Sri Lanka Awrudu celebration of 2024 was a day filled with faith, joy, and a collective affirmation of peace and unity, echoing the organizational  ongoing commitment in promoting a more inclusive and compassionate society.