On the 11th of May 2024, Caritas Sri Lanka organized a special program called “Ethno drama to Encourage Communities in their Narrative of Peace and Reconciliation” was held. This event aimed at promoting Peace and Reconciliation within the community through the medium of Ethno drama. The event took place at Wepathanga village from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in Kurunegale Diocese under the Project titled “Helping People Move towards Reconciliation”   funded by CAFOD.

There was active participation from both beneficiaries and stakeholders in this program. Sixty female beneficiaries attended the event, alongside key stakeholders who included DC Directors and Program Coordinators. Rev. Fr. Thusitha Priyanga, the Director of Caritas Kurunagala, hosted the event.

The primary goal of the Ethno drama was to encourage economic and psychological growth among women’s groups in the community. The focus was on enhancing their skills and well-being, promoting a supportive environment for peace and reconciliation.

Dr.  Ravindra Ranasinghe, one of the best practitioner in psychotherapy and drama therapy, was the resource person for the event. He is the Founder and Director of the National Diploma in Dramatherapy at the Sri Lanka Foundation in Colombo. His expertise greatly contributed to the success of the program.

The program was filled with significant activities and discussions that had a great impact on the participants. They were able to identify their strengths and limitations and learned how to use their skills creatively to improve their lives. The sessions included discussions on utilizing available resources for income generation and emphasized the importance of well-being in daily life.

The involvement of the women was particularly impressive. They shared their life stories with enthusiasm and engaged actively in the various activities, discussions, and dramatic sessions. These activities not only made the sessions enjoyable but also provided deep insights and learning opportunities.

One of the significant outcomes of the event was the formation of a sub-committee from the main group of participants. This committee, consisting of eleven members, was tasked with leading the group in implementing an action plan derived from the day’s learnings and discussions.

The Ethno drama program was a successful initiative of Caritas Sri Lanka that provided valuable insights and skills to the participants. It was observed that the active participation and enthusiasm among women had been the key success for the programme.