Three Pillars (Prayer, Fasting and Alms-giving) of Lenten programme is being organized in all the DCs in Sri Lanka according to the theme given by the NC, ‘Live Lent with Love’. This was given with a short prayer, to be recited during the season of Lent.

Common Lenten activities in 2019:

Prayer: Prayer cards and posters have been distributed.

Lenten retreats and pilgrimages organized.

Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross in Diocesan Centres.

Lenten educational programmes

Healing services

Fasting: Promoting fasting as a family.

Personal sacrifices are encouraged during Lent.

Alms-Giving: Special envelopes printed and distributed among people.

Funds collected will be used for charitable activities

Blood donation

Medical camps

Vocational Counselling for youth

Scheme for Cancer patients



“O God of love, spirit of life

Come and enter our soul

Transform us into your child of life, hope and love

So that we may carry your breadth of life and love to your people”