Caritas Sedec National Centre recently hosted a two-day Capacity Building Training program aimed at enhancing the skills of its network staff in project monitoring and reporting tools. This significant initiative took place on December 12th and 13th at the Caritas Sedec National Centre, marking a crucial step toward the larger goal of establishing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) units in every Caritas Diocesan Centre (DC) and the National Centre (NC).

Comprehensive Representation for Effective Learning

To ensure comprehensive representation and effective learning, the training included the participation of two MEAL officers from each DC, along with two members from each unit of the NC. This diverse representation was integral to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the network staff.

Bilingual Approach for Inclusivity

Recognizing the diversity of the Caritas network, the training program was conducted in two language mediums—Sinhala and Tamil. Participants were grouped based on their language preference, creating tailored learning experiences for both Sinhala-speaking and Tamil-speaking participants.

Content and Activities

The training began with a pretest to gauge participants’ existing knowledge, followed by activities designed to identify their level of familiarity with the subject matter. On the first day, the facilitators focused on Monitoring and Evaluation, covering project management, basic M&E orientation, indicators, and the development of a log frame. The content included discussions on the theory of change, Impact, Target, and Tactics (ITT) and various tools.

The second day concentrated on reporting, and exploring tools such as 5 Why Analysis, ARLP Tool, and SWOT Analysis. Participants gained insights into designing projects, monitoring tools, project evaluation, implementation strategies, and achieving project goals step by step. They also learned about using indicators, the hierarchy of objectives, and the art of composing effective project reports.

Expert Resource Persons

The training featured distinguished resource persons from Achiever’s Consultancy Team

  1. Mr Alexander Samson: An experienced professional specialising in program management and quality assurance.
  2. Mr Gerad Fernando: An M&E/MEAL specialist and evaluator supporting numerous functions and requirements of M&E technical management.
  3. Mr. Udaya Kumar Fernando: A Technical Advisor in Economic and Agriculture development, also a Savings for Transformation master trainer.
  4. Mr. Bonny Justin Vincent: A proactive development professional specializing in situational analysis, development planning, and program implementation.

Special mention goes to Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson, the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka, whose guidance contributed significantly to the success of this knowledge-building initiative. It was supported by the Civil Peace Project of Caritas Sri Lanka-AGIAMONDO.

The Capacity Building Training program was a commendable effort by Caritas Sri Lanka, providing its network staff with valuable insights and skills crucial for effective project monitoring and reporting. This initiative undoubtedly sets the stage for the establishment of M&E units across the Caritas network, ensuring sustained impact and success in their humanitarian endeavours.