Caritas Asia Regional Workshop on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation on Safe
Migration & Anti-human Trafficking got underway in Colombo on January 29,
2018 at the Renuka City Hotel. The 3 day workshop which brought together
nearly 30 participants from 16 Caritas National Member Organizations and
representatives from Global Good Shepherds, Good Shepherds International, is
hosted by Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC on behalf of Caritas Asia Regional Office,
based in Bangkok Thailand.
The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Cristina Rigman, a renowned professional
international Trainer from Romania, who has facilitated similar trainings for
Caritas organizations internationally.
Extending a welcome to the participants, Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke,
National Director, Caritas Sri Lanka said that hosting such an international
event is made possible due to the prevailing peaceful situation in the country
following nearly three decades of violence & conflict. He stated that Caritas Sri
Lanka as the social arm of the Catholic Church had been in the forefront in
promoting peace, reconciliation and justice to all people affected by the crisis
in the country. Highlighting the importance of this workshop which aims at
enhancing the capacity of the Caritas members in Planning, Monitoring &
Evaluation, Fr. Mahendra said it will be an opportunity to understand better
the issues around human trafficking which he said was a global problem
propagated by evil groups of people for mere financial gain. “Let us work
together in solidarity to contribute to eradication of this menace from our
societies” Fr. Mahendra concluded.
A video message from His Grace Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi, Archbishop of Tokyo and
President of Caritas Japan and caritas Asia who was unable to attend the
workshop in person, called on all participants to take advantage of their time
together in Colombo to enhance their capacity in the area of planning,

monitoring & evaluation, an essential skill in our work across all Member
Organizations in Asia.
Mr. Zar Gomez, Caritas’ Asia Regional Coordinator thanked Caritas Sri Lanka for
accepting to host the event and explained the objectives of this important
workshop as part of the Caritas Asia Regional Strategic Plan. He reminded the
participants that the workshop will aim to increase the capacity of the Caritas
MOs in the field of planning, monitoring and evaluation particularly on
initiatives on safe migration & anti-human trafficking. “This is an excellent
opportunity to learn and grow with one another and enhance our individual
and collective capacities” Mr. Gomez said.
SEDEC – January 29, 2018