The Facebook page, “Lighting the lives of the Plantation People” (LLPP) was launched on 25 October 2022 by Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC.

The arrival of the first batch of Indian Origin Tamil Speaking workers took place from 1823 to 1824. They were brought in from South India as labourers by the British to work on the coffee and tea plantations. Hence, their legacy spans around 200 years now in Sri Lanka and their contribution to the local economy is immense.

However, they have remained a marginalized community in Sri Lanka due to many reasons which have been barely analyzed or discussed widely among the rest of the communities.

They are facing many challenges and have been discriminated in terms of basic human rights and opportunities as equal citizens of Sri Lanka. They lack access to basic resources such as education, sanitation facilities, livelihood, road networks, land, housing and many more.

This Facebook page is launched with the objective of advocating and lobbying for the rights of the Plantation community while raising awareness among the public regarding the plight of this community.

We invite you all to follow this Facebook page via the link given below and share with all your friends so that we can change the lives of this community that has been crying for the past 200 years. Let’s show that we care by sharing and discussing their matters more publicly to find sustainable solutions.