The Safe Labour Migration programme of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC hosted the 7th Partner Exchange Platform meeting recenlty to discuss matters pertaining to the migration services conducted by the partner organizations under the project titled “ Provision of Services to Migrant workers and their Families in Sri Lanka” funded by SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation).

The Deep Impact Partners (DIP):  ESCO, SWOAD, PREDO, CHRCD/CDS, Caritas Seth Sarana, HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna  and National Partners of SDC: ILO, IOM, UN Women, Helvetas and Caritas Sri Lanka attended to this meeting.

Each Deep Impact Partner presented cases under the following categories.

Suicide cases   – compensation (delay more than 6 months )

Death Compensation

For Injuries compensation within 3 months

Salary not paid cases – Compensation

Irregular Migration – Compensation

At the meeting, Deep Impact Partners presented their suggestions to a government Migration Development Officer for action and immediate attention. Under the proposals and suggestions, DIP and National Partners urged the government to improve the existing processes and systems pertaining to the safe labour migration.

However, it was decided to identify the major issues and gaps in grievance handling mechanism and to submit them to the Ministerial officers for necessary action.