The newly constructed CSL-SEDEC Building at the Caritas Sri Lanka compound was blessed and opened on 18th August 2021 by Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Winston S. Fernando S.S.S. President, CBCSL together with Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasam, Chairman of the Commission of Justice, Peace and Human Development and Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell G. Silva, Vice Chairman of the Commission of Justice, Peace and Human Development.

Speaking at the event following the word of God, Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Winston Fernando stated that we must remember and thank all past Bishop Chairmen of the commission, National Directors of SEDEC and all partners who have been instrumental in managing the funds to make this project a reality. Meanwhile, he also profoundly thanked Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke, the present National Director of SEDEC for successfully completing this enormous task in order to support the continued functioning of Caritas Sri Lanka towards community empowerment.

Addressing the gathering, Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatilleke, the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC stated the motive behind the project was based on the assumption of possible future constrains in acquiring funds for the mandate of Caritas Sri Lanka. Therefore, the organization had to think of being self-sufficient in continuing its mission to empower the vulnerable communities in the country amidst the various challenges faced and unprecedented change.

Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC takes this opportunity to thank and remember all past Bishop Chairmen, National Directors, all past and present staff members of CSL and also the partners, for their support and contribution in various ways towards the success of this project.