Caritas Badulla- USCOD organized a tree-planting campaign at Kahagalla, Haputale on 26 March 2022 under the Stepping Stone Environment Project implemented with the support of the funding partner, ‘MISEREOR’

The tree-planting campaign was organized by the Village Level Children Group (VLCG) with the support and coordination of the Village Level Elders Group (VLEG) formed under the above project.

Rev. Fr. Jude Silva, Director of Caritas Badulla, other religious leaders and representatives from Estate Management, Police Department, Divisional Secretariat – Haputale, Department of Forest, the Chairman of Pradeshiya Sabha – Haputale, media personnel,  a group of around 127 children and around 40 elders participated in this event. The group planted around 130 trees such as Kumbuk and Mee.

Planting trees at Kahagalla came as a solution to the constant drought conditions in the area as identified by the VLEG. Furthermore, the selected location has been isolated for a long period and has not been used for agricultural or related activities in recent years.

People from Kahagalla have also identified environmental issues such as the destruction of farmlands due to the presence of wild animals, in addition to the widespread safe drinking water issue.

In tackling climate change, tree planting and reforestation play an important role as the presence of trees in the environment helps the precipitation cycle.  The activities of this nature will encourage people both children and adults to come forward to protect their surroundings.