With The United Nations theme of International Women’s Day 2022, ‘Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow’, We Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC organized a special program on 18th March 2022 under the vision and guidance of National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC, Rev. Fr. Mahendra Gunatileke to celebrate, appreciate and honor behind the curtains heroes of Colombo area which helps us to keep our infrastructures impeccable.

Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC implemented this program especially for the cleaning women workers of Colombo area working under Abans CleanTech organization. This program consisted of 50 women with different social and cultural background where they have dedicated their time and life for this job role for one month to more than 33 years.

For this reason Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC family gave them a rose flower as a token of appreciation and a symbol which affected their life as for some it was their first time receiving a rose for their entire life story. Moreover, this program audience was addressed by the Women’s Management Founder and Chairperson, Dr. Sulochana Sigera with more than 23 years of experience regarding awareness’s, financial literacy empowerment and many more which impacts a woman’s life.  Dr. Sulochana Sigera explained the worthy of Women’s self-love, Self-worth and how women should be confident enough disregarded their age, career and to love and live in a fast moving world where they should face the world without fear by boosting up their self-esteem. Media coverage was continuously given by the SETH FM, Verbum, Catholic Press and Lake House to make it a success. Once the program was over, all the 50 women were given a service appreciation certificate, PPE kits along with a financial fund followed up by a special treat organized for them.

Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC family would like to share their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka, Rev.Fr. Mahendra Gunatileke, Mr. Reshan Wickramasinghe, Mr. Senevirathne, Mr. Gihan Thushara and media coverage partners. Especial thanks goes to Dr. Sulochana Sigera for being there sharing and empowering the women’s life on motivational and positive thoughts with advices and lastly Caritas Sri Lanka- SEDEC Family to make this program a success.