My name is Perumal Shamila and I am 25 years old. I live in the Cullen Estate, Badulla. I am a pre-school teacher. I am also the secretary of the community based society named “Kalar Udeer”, which is under the GGH project (Green Gold Harvesters) implemented by the USCOD Caritas Badulla.

Under the GGH project, we have carried out different activities in our estate. However the community of the Cullen estate has many problems. Under the VGs (Vigilant Groups) activities, we have identified the problems that we could intervene.

During one of these observations, we saw that the Cullen Tamil School did not have the drinking water facility. Even in the primary section, there are about 89 estate children studying. Not only for drinking, even for the teachers’ toilets, there is no water. Without water, everyone has faced with numerous difficulties.
In fact, children drank water from a place which was a muddy pit. Once our CBO (Community Based Organization) finds out this issue, we thought to intervene.

I can never forget that day we started the work, to give safe drinking water to the children.
On that day, early in the morning, as we were informed earlier, we, the community leaders, parents of the children came to the school. We cleaned the muddy pit and dug the well deeper. Everyone worked with a lot enthusiasm and joy. Those who did not come made tea for us. Even the principal and the teachers worked hard with the community.

The VG (Vigilant Groups) provided us with 4 concrete rings.
Fortunately the manager of the Cullen estate agreed to provid us the estate lorry to transport the concrete rings from Badulla town to the estate. Everyone worked tirelessly. By the end of the day, we had made a beautiful, small well with 4 concrete rings fitted. Though together we made the well, there was no way, we could supply water to the school yet.

Meanwhile Fr. Priyalal Cooray, the Director of Caritas Badulla-USCOD came to see the estate and seeing our work, he was very happy. He provided us with the motor, water tank and other necessities to carry out the rest of the work through the GGH project. Using the materials given, we were able to provide safe drinking water to the children.
Now, there is enough clean water for drinking, toilets and for other sanitary needs. It is a great privilege and an achievement of the “Kalar Udeer” CBO which could complete this important task on behalf of children.
Everyone in the estate thanked us immensely for this. Personally I feel very happy, that I could partake in this crucial work.

Even in the future I will do my best to assist the people and children in my estate. I thank USCOD as well as GGH project wholeheartedly for giving us an opportunity of this nature.