Caritas Sri Lanka has reached a significant milestone in its journey towards organizational excellence. From April 2nd to 5th, 2024, Caritas Sri Lanka underwent an onsite assessment of the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards (CIMS). This assessment, conducted by the assessor, Dr John Arokiaraj, marks a pivotal moment in the organization’s commitment to enhancing its standards and practices.

Throughout the assessment period, Caritas Sri Lanka engaged in meetings and these meetings ranged from general assemblies to team-level discussions involving core staff from various departments including programs, finance, HR, DRR, communication, and more. This internal engagement was complemented by field visits to communities in the Rathnapura and Mannar Dioceses of Sri Lanka. Despite the tight schedule, the CSL team managed to interact with stakeholders and gain valuable insights.

Central to the success of this assessment was the exceptional work of Dr John Arokiaraj, the assessor sent by Caritas Internationalis. Dr. John’s extensive experience, patience, and facilitative approach contributed significantly to the constructive nature of the assessment process. His insights and recommendations will serve as a guide for CSL in further improving its operations and standards.

The onsite assessment of the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards holds profound importance for Caritas Sri Lanka. It signifies a commitment to upgrading standards and enhancing organizational practices. The experience gained from Dr. John’s assessment, coupled with CSL’s journey of improvement since the submission of the Organizational Review Tool (ORT), underscores the organization’s dedication to growth and development.

Caritas Sri Lanka extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms Annamaria and Ms Monika for their continuous support throughout the assessment process. Their guidance and assistance have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the onsite assessment. Additionally, the organization expresses gratitude to all stakeholders, including CSL staff and community members, for their cooperation and participation during this period.

As Caritas Sri Lanka reflects on the achievements of the onsite assessment of the Caritas Internationalis Management Standards, it stands assured to continue its journey of improvement and excellence. This assessment not only highlights the progress made but also catalyzes further advancement. With a renewed commitment to its mission, Caritas Sri Lanka looks forward to continuing its impactful work serving communities and upholding humanitarian values.