On the request made to Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC by His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, CSL-SEDEC donated dental material to be used in Colombo school dental services, and the Oral Health Units, through the Health Services in Colombo.

Due to the scarcity of medicines in the country, this donation will help in the screening and treatment of approximately 100 thousand school-going children who are facing dental cavity issues.

Speaking at the event Dr. Vipul Wickremasinghe said, “The scarcity of medicine has created many issues among children and we are looking for donors who could help us. We hope that if everyone comes together, we can get through this situation.”

Through the school’s dental service, all students belonging to the years 1-4-7 are screened, from the entire island. However, unfortunately, private schools are not included, only Government schools are on this list.

A dental cavity issue is a major health hazard, and this needs to be treated, otherwise, it develops into a tooth abscess, and this causes hindrance to education, and eating ability due to the lingering pain.

Thereby the Health services thanked Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC for their kind gesture in donating these medicines for this worthy cause of building up a better life for the growing children.

Those present at the handing-over ceremony:-

Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson, National Director

Dr. Chandana Gajanayake, Regional Director of Health Services

Dr. Vipul Wickramasinghe, Regional Dental Surgeon

Dr. Suresh Krishantha- Regional Dental Surgeon

Mrs. Renuka Dabare – Dental Therapist

Ms. Nilushi Samarakoon –Dental Therapist