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Caritas Sri Lanka, the Catholic National Commission for Justice,
Peace, and Human Development (SEDEC), has compiled this spiritual
booklet for Sunday reflections during Lent. The theme “Lent with the
Oppressed – Seeking Justice,” shows how it is important to care about
and understand the difficulties of marginalized communities, and work
actively to make things fair.
The term “seeking” is commonly linked with many Bible verses that talk
about looking for God, wisdom, doing what’s right, or finding the truth.
In the Bible, when we talk about seeking, it usually means actively
and sincerely searching for something. For instance, the scripture says,
“Ask, and you’ll get it; look for it, and you’ll find it; knock, and the
door will open. If you ask, you’ll get; if you seek, you’ll find; and if you
knock, the door will open.” (Luke 11:09-10). People might not always
know the truth, but God always does and everything is clear to Him.
Therefore, God invites us to go towards Him for help, and seek Him
for an answer.
The Catholic Church’s teachings about justice come from her social
doctrine. This doctrine includes principles that help Catholics understand
social justice and truth. The Church highlights how social justice is crucial
and is seen as a key part of living according to the Gospel. Talking
about war widows in Sri Lanka and the victims of the Easter Bomb
attack, it means being committed to understanding their difficulties
and standing up for fairness on their behalf. During Lent 2024, we
want to invite Catholics in the country to pray strongly for truth and

justice for oppressed communities. This can bring them healing and
As part of Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC, I’m happy about the teamwork
we have put into seeking justice. The thoughts in this spiritual booklet
help us get ready for Lent. As we begin this spiritual journey, let us
support the oppressed so that justice can win over injustice. Together,
we can keep making a positive impact.
A big thank you to all the Priests who shared Sunday reflections for this
booklet. May our journey for justice be a source of hope for everyone.

Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson Perera
National Director
Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC


LEP 2024 – Sinhala Book

LEP 2024 – Tamil Book