In a heartening event on the 6th of February 2024, Caritas Sri Lanka (CSL) opened its doors to an esteemed guest, Dr. Benedict Alo D’Rozario, the President of Caritas Asia. CSL members extended a warm and heartfelt welcome to Dr. Alo, embracing him with open arms.

The visit commenced with a significant meeting, where Dr. Alo engaged with the National Director and Caritas Sri Lanka staff. Rev. Fr. Luke Nelson set the tone with his opening remarks. As each participant was introduced, the room buzzed with a sense of collaboration.

Programme Manager, Mr. Priyantha, took the floor to present a comprehensive overview of Caritas Sri Lanka. His presentation delved into the inception of CSL, tracing its evolutionary journey, and outlining its history, vision, mission, network, policies, and overall image.

Following the insightful presentation, the Heads of different units provided a glimpse into their respective domains. They shared valuable insights into the nature of their work, ongoing projects, and the methodologies employed in achieving their goals. This segment illuminated the diverse and impactful contributions made by each unit within CSL.

Dr. Alo, in turn, shared his journey and experiences within Caritas, shedding light on the rich history of Caritas Asia. His narrative served as a source of inspiration, emphasizing the collective power of individuals coming together to make a meaningful difference in the world.

The meeting reached its climax with a dynamic question-and-answer session. CSL staff had the opportunity to seek clarification, share thoughts, and gain valuable insights from Dr. Alo. This interactive exchange proved to be both informative and transformative, paving the way for a stronger and more cohesive Caritas Sri Lanka.

A memorable moment emerged when Dr. Benedict Alo D’Rozario imparted a profound lesson to all present, stating, “You can learn from everyone at every time.” These words resonated deeply, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and the wealth of knowledge that can be gleaned from every encounter.

The visit of Caritas Asia President Dr. Benedict Alo D’Rozario undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Caritas Sri Lanka. It not only strengthened the bonds within the organization but also served as a beacon of inspiration, reminding everyone of the collective purpose and potential for positive change. As CSL continues its noble mission, the wisdom shared by Dr. Alo will guide them towards a brighter and more impactful future.