Caritas Colombo-Setharana organized a beach clean-up campaign on 31 March 2022 from 10am to 10:50am at Diyalagoda.

Over the recent years, the environmental composition in Diyalagoda has been rapidly changing due to high levels of human activity and other human-related environmental issues.  During a community gathering in view of forming a Village Level Environment Group by Caritas Seth Sarana, the villagers identified the issue of polluted beaches that threaten their health and livelihoods. One of the main causes for this reason is that the coastline has become a garbage dump by the villagers themselves. As community members were able to recognize this issue as a major environmental hazard, Seth Sarana facilitated the beach clean up.

Members of the organizations such as the Coast Conservation Department of Moratuwa, Beruwala Urban Council, Shri Praja Foundation, Police Station – Kalutara – Environment Unit, Caritas Sri Lanka SEDEC and Caritas Colombo, Seth Sarana participated in this event. The Coast Conservation Department provided the equipment such as gloves, rakes and sacks to collect the garbage etc.

Around 138 participants along with Dr. Ajantha Perera, Environmental activist participated in the event. Religious leaders, Rev. Rangana Perera, Assistant Director, Caritas Colombo – Seth Sarana, Ven. Kosgama Dhammadassana Thero and Wettumakada Mawlawi, M. N. M. Irfan, Mawlawi J.M.F. Nafees graced the occasion with their presence.

Volunteer activities such as beach clean ups promote the sense of environment conservation in the minds of people. Glad to note that at the end of this activity, the community members came to a consensus to maintain a clean beach in the area.

Beaches are natural resources that should be preserved and protected. Therefore, the people of the Diyalagoda area have decided to clean the beach as they were motivated by the initiatives under the Stepping Stone Environment Project (SSEP) implemented in the Diocese of Colombo by Seth Sarana.

The villagers in Diyalagoda also have identified the following environmental issues:

  • Erosion of coastal area
  • Waste Disposal
  • Inland water pollution
  • Loss of Biodiversity